No Skype for you!

IMG_0227I’ve said before that we’re more fortunate than earlier military wives because we have technology that allows us a great deal of contact undreamed of by previous generations.

The only downside to these miraculous twenty-first century gizmos is the disappointment when they don’t work.

With the time difference and my sailor’s long work days, our Skype time throughout the summer was 9:00-ish every morning. I started each day energized by the knowledge that my sailor was okay and he could sleep soundly with my angelic tones ringing in his ears. It was win win–when it worked.

Towards the end of the summer, Skype suddenly stopped working so well. More often than not we were unable to make the connection when we tried to call. I almost cried on Labour Day when he emailed to say he was too tired to keep trying to Skype and he was going to bed. School started the next day so that would be our last chance to speak until the following weekend.

Weirdly, it’s almost better now that we can’t even try because I’m at work before 9:00. Knowing he was there, a world away but in my moment, trying unsuccessfully to link up with me was devastating. It soured the rest of my day. Now I’m working again, I know there’s no chance of a connection during the morning rush so it’s not so raw when another day passes without speaking to him.

If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over yet expecting different results then my sailor and I are on the spectrum. We tried to Skype about fifty times this weekend (hmm-fifty shades of frustration?) The closest we got was a session of instant messaging. (Not nearly as satisfying as the instant massaging sessions we enjoyed parked at the beach in his Mustang when were first dating, but better than nothing.)

How did our mutual disappointment affect us? My sailor was his usual calm, collected self while I was a hot mess by Sunday afternoon.

Your thoughts . . .

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