The Duck Stops Here

021“Mom, do we have duck tape?”

With those words I realize my boy is embarking on his epic journey to manhood.

Although a quick online search suggests duck tape can be used for hair removal (ouch!) or as a handcuff alternative (grrr!), in our home, this rubbery grey tape is mainly used for manly endeavours like fixing a leaky tent. I understand it can also do mysterious things with electrical wiring and I believe it’s good for plumbing.

It can do anything regular tape can do and do it better, stronger, tougher. (It’s like the Marines of the adhesive world.)

With our sailor overseas, the boy is technically the man of the house so I feel a tinge of melancholy when he calls from the livingroom for this masculine item. With each stride towards manliness, another vestige of my darling little boy is peeled away.

I rummage in the kitchen junk drawer, an overflowing mess of dead batteries, dog nail clippers and a stretched-out tensor bandage from when I sprained my foot last year. I wonder what he’s going to fix. Whatever it is and however he does it, I resolve to be appreciative and supportive. Taking the initiative to identify and repair something broken is to be encouraged.

“Here it is,” I say, handing him the thick roll.

“Thanks.” He cuts a generous portion and solemnly sticks it over a crack in the mortar at the base of the fireplace.

What the . . . ?

He shrugs. “A spider crawled in there.”

Okay, so maybe I don’t have to worry about my boy growing up too fast. I just have to worry about a big unsightly strip of duck tape on the fireplace until my sailor gets home to deal with the spider.

Your thoughts . . .

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