It’s a Boy!

026For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been compulsively googling Kate Middleton. I’m not obsessed with the Royal Family, but I like babies and I’m really curious. I’m the ultimate Christmas present peaker becuase it drives me crazy not knowing what’s in those pretty packages under the tree. If they’d revealed the infant’s gender prior to the birth, I may not have been so interested.

Because I have a boy myself, today’s announcement reminded me of our own crazy, we’ve-just-had-a-baby time. Remembering that first summer (my boy is a July baby, too) is like recalling a fairy tale filled with wonder and awe. Those tender, vague memories are likely caused by sleep deprivation, but that doesn’t make them any less special.

My sailor and I were living in Nova Scotia, far away from our families in BC so we had no one to help when the boy arrived. Neither of us knew much about babies prior to his birth. I’d seen them on TV and at the grocery store and my sailor could recognize a photo of one in a book. We were equally clueless. I still can’t believe the hospital let us take him home. What were they thinking?

It was tough and we may have made some odd parenting choices (surely we aren’t the only new parents to record every poo, including size and consistency in a special journal for the first year). I realize now our challenges were a blessing. We learned to take care of our precious boy together and in the process grew closer to each other.

Except for the fabulous wealth, Will and Kate seem like normal people who will try to do their best for their bundle of joy.

My wish for them is the gift of time alone to muddle through and get to know their new son before the staff and the grandparents take over.

Your thoughts . . .

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