Online and On Duty

002Woo hoo! My sailor finally has internet access!

I’ve recieved a number of emails including a series of portraits of my sailor in his desert gear–Afghanistan office wear. I’m as giddy as a Chihuahua who smells bacon and I can’t wait to SKYPE with him.

The best part of being able to communicate electronically with my sailor–I finally got an IPhone. To call it smart is an understatement. It takes pictures, reminds me of upcoming apointments and will track my stocks if I ever acquire any. It even has a weather app so I don’t have to bother looking out the window to see if it’s raining. (This summer, it usually is.)

It’s my new favourite possession. I never thought I’d say this about anything, but I adore it even more than my beloved toffee coloured Pippa handbag.

I clutch this marvelous device constantly so I can look at my sailor’s pictures whenever I want–currently about sixty times a day. I squint into the tiny screen, oblivious to real life around me, trying to determine if he’s really okay, or just faking it for my benefit.

Your thoughts . . .

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