%$#$% Roaming Charges!

IMG_0490“Hi Sweetie. Facing roaming charges so won’t be texting long.”

What???–Our early morning for me/bedtime for him texts are going to be limited due to %$#$% roaming charges! We’re talking the highlight of my day and I wilt a little just thinking I won’t even have this inadequate contact with my sailor.

My friend D, who is an expert on most things, is appalled when I tell her. “He should have a plan,” she says. “I can’t believe he doesn’t have a plan!”

D is right as usual. My sailor should have a plan. We should all have a plan.

More importantly, we all need a plan B to get us through the rough patches when plan A inevitably goes to hell.

I patiently explain that he does indeed have a plan, which he’s followed since he was young man. Go to university, join the Navy, marry a wonderful woman, start a family and live a quiet, happy life.

My own plan is somewhat similar (well except for joining the military and marrying a wonderful woman), which may explain why we get along so well.

Unfortunately, plan B eludes me as I read my sailor’s latest text over long after he’s gone to bed, trying to connect with him across the miles.

Your thoughts . . .

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