Loose Lips Sink Ships

IMG_0191My intention in writing this blog was to create an honest online journal of my experience with a husband serving in Afghanistan. However, I held off publishing the entry about dropping him off at the airport. I wanted to keep his exact departure date a secret. I worry relentlessly and I thought he’d be safer if the Taliban didn’t know he was on his way.

When his texts starting arriving from stop overs in Shiloh, Trenton and Germany, I decided to do some research. I googled “Canadian Military Afghanistan.” I found multiple stories about the latest cohort of Canadians travelling to Afghanistan including details about their departure date, travel itinerary and arrival information. I had a minor panic attack.

Once I was able to breathe normally again I looked at the articles more closely. Front and centre on the CTV News site–a photo of my sailor striding towards the plane! Argh! Don’t these journalists know loose lips sink ships?

Luckily the Taliban is too busy scouring the internet for wives’ blogs to google mainstream news sources.

Your thoughts . . .

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